Sunday, 9 February 2014

Getting My Challenge On

I haven't blogged a LO since October so I thought it was time to sort that. I mostly use Instagram these days for posting my LOs it's so quick and easy to do. My camera phone has taken the bulk of the photos lately as it's usually to hand. Better that than no photo at all lol.

I have been working away on my Thirty LO Challenge that Nancy started here. She is powering away through her second 30 LO challenge now and doing some fab videos as well if you want a nosey here. These are LOs 23,24 and 25 and they are a mixture of Quirky Kit and Cocoa Daisy as well as some old stash that has been lurking about. I only have four more LOs to go and I will have finished the challenge and used a fair amount of kits up.


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Kirsti said... them all!! Xxxx