Sunday, 31 May 2015

Tunnel Book Project 2015

I have joined a tunnel book project as I thought it was a new crafty experience and I wanted to try my hand at it. I have actually got two of them on the go one at home and one I sent out for my entry. It passes around other people and will return home with their contributions and build up the layers.

I gessoed and textured pasted the cover as I was going for a distressed luggage look to match my Terry Pratchett theme. I used Adirondack sprays in expresso and butterscotch as well as a gold Heidi Swapp one on the top.

I used a child's board book and it was a bit of a pain to get the holes cut out and line them up. I decided to embrace the wonkiness  in the end as it was frustrating me and I also thought it fitted the off kilter look of the book. I also had to sand the edges and I'm still not totally happy with the finish but I think it's a learning curve which is the whole point of the project.

My page is based on a quote from "The Wee Free Men" by Terry Pratchett. I love the Tiffany Aching set of books and this quote always makes me laugh. It fitted my Stampotique stamp I wanted to use as well. I positioned her so you can see her peeking out the page which is part of the books look with the different layers building up.

I still have some things I want to add to the cover and my page but I'm going to do them when it returns so the postage won't be too high as it journeys around. TFLx.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kate Crane Class 2015

Last week I went to a Kate Crane class in Middlesborough. I've been to a class with Kate before and she is such a good teacher so I was pleased to be lucky enough to get holidays sorted out to attend.

This class was about altering matchboxes and we were lucky enough to get to use Kate's new stamps from Stampotique. We made four matchboxes, three filled with little handmade books and the fourth with art journal prompt cards. There was lots of paint and inky techniques to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 


I would recommend attending class with Kate if you can and her new stamps are lovely. TFL.x

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dina Wakley Class 2015

I was lucky enough to take a class with Dina Wakley this year at Art from the Heart in Harrogate. Kirsti and I went down for a Kate Crane class in Middlesborough and luckily our timing coincided with Dina's classes this year.  We fitted both into our weekend as well as an Ikea visit and a Krispy Kreme stop. 

The class was all about folding and making layers and hidden pockets in your art journals. We were able to use Dina's new paints, stencils and fine liner tips as well as her stamps on our pages.

It was a great class where the answer to any question is always "Yes" and a mistake is an arty accident to be incorporated into the page. Dina is a hard task master and she soon had us painting and snipping and masking away through our pages. I loved how she just rolled with the flow and a mistake would produce a "Oh Dina" and she would just then flawlessly incorporate it into her page as if it was always meant to be there. 

For my first page I used the scribbly birds stamps as I really like them, other people used her lady stamps.  I made my own altered deli paper which I then used in strips on the page. I added my other stamps when I was home and they include a Unity Brave Girls set, a Glitz roller, Prima stitching sets and a Stampotique one. I even hand wrote on my page something I'm not that confident about but it was easier once you embrace the messiness and stop thinking about it. My quote is from Inception which I watched this week. 

My second page was about masking with different techniques and I really enjoyed working with the paints which is something I don't usually do. It was great to learn some new techniques and actually see them being demonstrated beforehand. We had to cut windows on our pages as well which I just went for in a freehand style with no measuring accurately. I doodled with my Sharpie as well as using the Stabilo all purpose pencil Dina recommended and the Fude ball pen for writing.

My last set of pages have a hidden pop up section under the heart flap I cut out of a previous page. I love the left sided page where you can see all the way back to my first pages which I really enjoyed. I thought the colours really worked well together as well peeping through from either side. I did more hand writing with two quotes from my Pinterest board and just worked around the window until the borders were full.

I really enjoyed my class and getting mucky with paint. Dina was a great teacher and I learnt a lot in the class that I can use again. TFL.x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Week 9 The Original Documented Life Project

Week 9 of The Original Documented Life Project was about using five layers and the journal prompt was "Give me a High Five".

I used a napkin as a base on one side and gesso over the top. I then added some ephemera like lace and buttons and coated them with gesso. I was inspired by a Finnabair blog post here. I used texture crackle paste through a punchinella stencil and finally some Dylusions sprays as well as an Adirondack one as well. 
I don't use the term high five really but it does always make me think of this quote which I thought suited my Stampotique girls who always have some attitude.  

Pop over here and see the prompt and inspiration for the week nine prompt. TFL.x

Sunday, 8 March 2015

One Little Word Vision Board

The February prompt for One Little Word was about creating a vision board. I mulled it over for February but it wasn't coming together and I was considering not doing it. Cath Kidston had other ideas however. A catalogue came in this morning and as I flicked through it I found myself thinking how it would cut up really well for a vision board. 

So the scissors came out and along with a Grazia and an Instyle magazine I snipped away the things that caught my eye and then mod podged them down. The girl holding the tulips was my initial image I saw and then I worked around it cutting out various things that I thought would work with it or I really just liked such as the fish patterned  notebook. I used my larger art journal which is where I put January's prompt as well and March is already coming together on the page next to it. 

It also inspired me to reconnect my poor Cameo which has been sitting since last year when I changed computers over and never got around to hooking it up. I also did my first weld which I have been meaning to workout how to do instead of just cutting store files etc. It's fitting then for revitalise that my Cameo got the dust brushed off of it and I'm planning on using it more and actually experimenting with my pens and stamp materials I have for it.

The really spooky thing was that as I was cutting I was thinking I must get some flowers as I really like tulips my Mum popped in with some tulips, she must have got my vibes.

I have been doing well with my word overall and I'm slowly getting back to various things like reading and watching TV.  I've done some new recipes and been crafting as well. I just need to work on the exercise front and I'll be doing really well. TFL.x

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cocoa Daisy Winter Lift Me Up Challenge

I participated in a new challenge for me over on the Cocoa Daisy forum this month. It was called "Lift Me Up" and you were sent a LO to scrap lift . The twist was that you were in a chain and each person got the LO from the person before them but couldn't see any of the others until the big reveal. We had 48 hours each to do the challenge and there were two teams competing against each other.

I really enjoyed the challenge and it really boosted my mojo and I actually completed two LOs based on my original LO supplied for Lisa O. I can't find a blog for her to link to but I loved that she scraps 8.5 x 11.

Her LO is this one.

You also had to have some journaling as the Cocoa Daisy kits this month have a journaling theme. These are my two LOs here.
The first one I rotated the LO and used the strips, arrows and colours as inspiration for my LO.

The next one I stuck closer to the original LO and used some wash strips this time like the original.

Pop over here and see the LOs produced and the original starting LO to see how the challenge changed as it passed down the chain. TFL.x

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sian's Valentines Postcard Swap Arrivals

My last post was about the postcards I sent for the Valentines Postcard swap over at Sian's blog From High in the Sky and this post is about the ones I received in return.

They were lovely and the senders had told me why they chose their cards which was really nice. I even got an envelope that was decorated on the outside that must have brightened up the mail rooms on its travels. So pop by Cheri, Ruth, Barbara and Rachel and say hello. Thank you ladies I really enjoyed the swap. TFL.x