Saturday, 16 August 2014

UK Scrapper Summer Scrapbook Challenge Seven: The Everyday

This LO was for the UKS Summer Scrapbook Challenge number seven. It was a challenge to scrap the everyday so I scrapped this photo of a soft toy being taken for his birthday lunch. It will be nice to look back and record the toys the boys have loved as they grow older and leave them behind. At the moment however this is a much loved cheetah.

The materials are a bit of everything I have found as I tidied my scrap space and reorganised my papers. Pop over here and see the challenges. TFL.x

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

UKScrappers Summer Scrapbook Challenge One

There is a summer scrapbook challenge over on UKScrappers and I decided to use it to help me do some scrapping instead of dithering and surfing the internet. When the boys are back to school I'll be back to studying so I'm making the most of my craft time.

Challenge one was to use the sketch provided. You can see the sketch here. I rotated it and widened the left hand side column. I also used some fairly old stash I found when I was tidying up my craft space. It's an old Quirky Kit and some even older Kaiserkraft pearls from an Angel Crafts ribbon kit I got when I first started scrapping.

TFL and pop over here to see all the challenges. You have until the 30th September to join in.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rinda's Hunt 2014

This is my third year doing Rinda's photo scavenger hunt and I wasn't able to complete it previously although last year I should have if I hadn't missed a few opportunities that I thought I would be able to recapture but it wasn't to be. I have actually managed it this year with only one substitution and that's because I haven't got up early yet for a sunrise. It's pretty light still but maybe by September I'll manage it.
Pop over here and see the participants and enjoy all the great photos. I love seeing what other people choose for the prompts it fits my nosiness perfectly :-)

Number 1 : A Sign welcoming you to your home town. 

This is the sign as you arrive at Aberdeen Airport coming in. There are actually some really good signs coming in at another gate but it was May when I saw them and I am hoping to catch them before the end of the hunt but it will be a close cut thing if I do. I have a work trip that I hope will let me photo them.

Number 2: A garden gnome.

I wasn't that bothered about gnomes before but these were a bit creepy and larger than a gnome should be. I did think this photo would be a problem but Asda came up trumps.

Number 3: Birds on Wire

Another photo I thought would be a pain  but was actually one of the easiest. I was going to work one afternoon and caught these birds lazing on the wire. I quickly pulled in and snapped away. The perks of living in the country is there wasn't anyone around to explain my sudden stop and photo taking.


Number 4: A group of tourists.

I got two photos for this one. A set of ladies with an obligatory map on Union Street which is the main street in Aberdeen.


The other was two Cameroon commonwealth athletes training in Victoria park in Aberdeen one fabulous day we were actually dolphin hunting and I smiled when I saw these two as I knew they would fit my list very well.


 Number 5: A rack of postcards.

A bit of a sneaky photo as you aren't meant to take photos in some parts of  Aberdeen Art Gallery and I wasn't sure if that included the shop as well. I was visiting the Kafe Fassett exhibition which did allow photos and was really good.

Number 6: An urban street scene.

The top of Union Street depending on your viewpoint on a rather nice day I must add. It's the main street in Aberdeen for shopping etc and is well known for being rather long.

Number 7: A  rural landscape.

The view towards Oldmeldrum when I was walking the dog. 

Number 8: A tattoo.

A bit of a hard one as I didn't really know anyone with a tattoo but then I remembered my boss had a few and luckily had just got a new one and let me take a photo of it.

Number 9: A Bakery.

A rather fine bakery in Ellon a local town. It makes very nice stovies and gingerbread cake as well. Well worth a visit if you are ever in Ellon.

Number 10: A photobomb.

A rather rare sighting of the eldest son caught by accident when I was taking my substitute picture with the sunglasses in the car one day.  I did actually get a better one with a blue sky later but I did smile when I realised this was a photobomb and still made the cut.

Number 11: A horn.

Easy one the car horn.


Plus I found this poor little dinosaur at the side of the road when we were stuck in traffic. He has horns as well so fits the prompt. He had obviously been dropped from a car window as he was near the middle reservation not near a crossing either. Someone will be upset to have lost him I think.

Number 12: A Mascot.

It could only be the mascot for the Commonwealth Games 2014 which was being raffled at a local play area and saved me trip to John Lewis in Aberdeen where I had seen them before but forgot to take a photograph of.

Number 13: A Sunrise which is my one substitute as I just haven't been up early enough to catch the sunrise. One bird house instead.

This is the "Doo Coot" at Haddo House where the estate's pigeons were once kept. It's an information room now. The estate also has a Pheasantry but we weren't over there today. Haddo House is well worth a visit if you are visiting Aberdeenshire.

Number 14: A Parade.

We visited the circus this summer and this was the parade of performers at the end. Not the best photos as it was dark and I used the IPhone as a small boy was sitting on my lap by this point. it was night when we went and it was a bit late for him.

Number 15: A Juggler.

Another photo that wasn't the best. One it was dark and no matter how many photos I took of the action it was still blurry. Here the couple were juggling back and forth while holding each other. It was pretty good to watch actually.

Number 16: A sign in a language other that English.

Train stations are great places and delivered two great signs for me both in Gaelic.
One is the station sign for Inverurie and the other is a map of Scotland (Alba) I found another day when I was dolphin hunting with the smallest boy one day.

 Number 17: A lamp post.

A well decorated floral lamp post in the graveyard at the St Nicholas Church in the centre of Aberdeen. I was actually dolphin hunting as there is one there and snapped this lamp post as it was much nicer than the boring ones I had seen so far. The dolphin  hunting has been good for picking up photos for the hunt. Pop over here to see what I am talking about. This summer it has been all about dolphin hunting in Aberdeen.

Number 18: A waterfall.

Both photos were the first I took for the hunt and were courtesy of Sheffield when I was away for work.

Number 19: A public garden.

This is view of Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen a victorian garden right in the centre of Aberdeen on Union Street. I haven't been there for a long time actually it's one of those places you pass when shopping quickly but don't go into. It was looking a bit sad to be honest and run down compared to how it used to look but the gardeners had done a lovely traditional floral display as well as a lovely succulent display to celebrate Erskine. You can also see one of the dolphins that have been scattered around Aberdeen this summer in the photo as well.

These are the gardens at Haddo House a National trust property. The house and grounds are lovely we visit there a lot. My son thought the statue's bare bottom was very funny, he's at that age.

Haddo had also planted some of the beds with poppies this year as a WW1 memorial and it was such a beautiful sight , a lovely tribute to those that have fallen. 

Number 20: A bus with a picture painted on it's side.

I did think this would be a substitute as well but quickly whipped out my phone this week when I came across this bus sitting in traffic with the wave painted on the side. It's the Buchan wave rider which are the buses that run up the coast to Peterhead and the Banff area. This one was stuck in city centre traffic not making a lot of headway luckily for me.

Number 21: Yourself with something representing the season.

I actually thought this was destined to be an umbrella shoot but we have had really good weather for the school holidays so I took a selfie with my faithful sunglasses I use for driving etc and a lovely cloud free blue sky we had. I had a helper as well seeing what was going one.

 Thanks for looking and enjoy the hunt if you are joining in. Remember to visit Rinda here.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Stuck?! Sketches! Challenge and The Studio Colour Challenge

I came across this sketch from Stuck?! Sketches! blog when I was looking at The Studio Challenges blog. They have partnered together this month with a sketch and a colour challenge. I decided to split them up as that fitted the pictures I wanted to scrap as well as the papers I wanted to use.

First up is the sketch challenge where I rotated the sketch and changed out two of the photos for journaling cards I had from Jennifer Johner. The papers are from a recent Quirky kit I'm trying to finish off. There are also some embellishments from Cocoa Daisy as I have basically mixed all my kits for the last few months together.

The colour challenge was perfect for these papers from another recent Quirky Kit and I used a great WRMK paper as the base. Their ink splatter technique is much nicer than mine. The Thickers are from a very old Quirky Kit from a few years ago and I had to hunt them out from the bottom of the stash as I knew they would be perfect for the LO.

Thanks for the inspiration it has been a bit of a scrapping drought here the last few months. Pop over to Stuck?! Sketches! and The Studio Challenges to join in the fun. TFL.x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

July Scrap365 Sketch Challenge

Hello long time no see poor blog. I've been studying and neglecting anything crafty for the last few months. This weekend however I'm not studying and I decided to scrap my heart out, children permitting lol. 

I saw a sketch on the Scrap365 blog that caught my eye and I decided to have a go to get back into  the swing of glue and paper. The sketch is here if you want to join in.

The papers are a mix of Cocoa Daisy and Quirky Kits that I combined when they came in. They were bright and I did wonder how I would use them but the LO came together nicely.

I'm back up to date with my monthly Project Life pages and I'm working through my monthly LOs just now. Studying will need to recommence next week so it's make hay and all that although there has been a lack of sun this weekend here.  Enjoy the sun if it's graced you this weekend and TFL.xx

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day of the Dead

There is a crafting drought here as I am studying for a new qualification and it's taking all my time. I do however have little rebellions and break out the paints and paper occasionally although it's a very slow process. I have a LO lurking around for a month now and it's almost finished but not stuck down yet.

This page was inspired by the Kate Crane Journal Soup class as well as the Documented Life Facebook challenge from the Art to the 5th blog. I used a scrap cardboard insert that came in a package. I really liked the idea of the pages being unbound so you can add to them at will and work on a smaller scale. The background was gesso and gelatos and then topped with some Dylusions spray as well as Liqutex liquid paints. 

I then veered off into the Document Life challenge which was to paint on top of a magazine image. I really thought it wouldn't turn out well but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it did work. I'm not  great at freehand drawing and I think it would be a good technique for face shapes etc which I really struggle with. I used Golden Acrylics for the body and then my Sharpie paint pens for the face and hair. I even used some very old rubons  so all in all a good stash busting effort. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

January ASOI Challenge

I have been slowly working on these journal pages over the last week and I used the January monthly challenge at A Sprinkle of Imagination as my starting inspiration.. It started out as one page and then spread out into two pages after I got some Golden Turquoise paint that I saw in Kate Crane's Journal Soup class. I wanted to try the Golden paints out after being disappointed with other brands and I wasn't disappointed they are lovely. I used my winnings from the December challenge at ASOI although it was hard to decide what to get as there is so much choice.

I used the colour palette of teal, aqua, lilac, white and pale lime. The paints are a mixture of Claudine Hellmuth, Jenni Bowlin, Adirondack and the Golden in Turquoise. The ink and stencil were Dylusions. There were various stamps including Kate Crane's hand carved ones, Unity Brave Girl set, Hero Arts and Glitz Design. I also used some gesso and modelling paste with sequin waste. My jaunty man and the words "The Birdman" were from a Julie Kirk Plundered Pages pack I had and they set off the quote about a bird with a french fry which then led into the Hunger Games quote which has been on my mind of late. I coloured my man with Distress Inks and a paint brush. 

Apologies for the poor light in the photo but it isn't really that easy here at the moment with it being grey and wet most of the time. I am grateful however that we aren't flooded or snowed in unlike other places. It must be terrible to have that happen to you. 

TFL and pop over here to see the challenge and the various entries.