Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Simple Scrappers LOs

I decided to join Simple Scrappers after seeing Alexa's LOs here. I love her LOs and I thought the community would be a good jumpstart for the year to get back my crafty mojo. 

The first two LOs use the sketches for January 2015 and the others were just me using up the paper I found in a kit. I'm very much wanting to stash bust and use supplies so all these LOs fit that ethos.

The papers for this first LO are from an old MME kit that Kirsti gave me. I actually do use my Halloween stash up but this set had escaped somehow. When I saw the sketch I knew these papers would work really well. 

These LOs all are destined for my Project Life album and I only have December outstanding now so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. My challenge each month is to do four LOs and I have managed that already. I have a double LO lurking on the dinning room table so I should manage to get that finished this weekend hopefully. TFL. Pop over here if you want to find out about Simple Scrappers membership.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Documented Life Project Week 2 2015

The Original Documented Life Project challenge for this week was to use gesso and there was a quote from Mary Shelly as well. Pop over here to see the challenge. 

So week 2 started with these base pages that were some packaging I had stuck into my art journal ages ago then left. I didn't really like the colour it was too bright and as the prompt for this week was to use gesso so I applied it all over the top to tone down the colour. 

I then stencilled some gesso using sequin waste and sprayed some Adirondack inks all over the pages using a Dylusions stencil. Finally I stamped with some gesso and my Kate Crane stamps I have been hoarding and not using. I used some very old rub-ons again and a variety of other stamps that were in the art journal drawer.

I used the Mary Shelly quote as my inspiration when I was looking at my Pinterest board for OLW for a quote I really wanted to use. The Mary Shelly quote made me think of diets actually and how they always begin on a Monday. I had a set of Jenni Bowlin days of the week stamps that I wanted to use as well. That all then lead to this quote as I think you have to have the motivation inside you to start anything. I typed the quote using an old typewriter I got from Kirsti.

My final addition was this lovely girl I thought she suited my quote perfectly and was full of energy.  I even stuck down some Prima art glitter I got in a Cocoa Daisy Project Art kit last month.

So week 2 is finished and some more stash is busted.  I have also completed my monthly LO challenge numbers for this month and read my two books so the revitalisation is going well. TFL.x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Documented Life Project Week One Challenge 2015

I decided to combine my Documented Life Project challenge for this week with my One Little Word project as they worked well together.  You can find out about the Documented Life Project here. It's a free weekly art journaling challenge. I decided to use my large art journal I have as it's fairly untouched rather than buy the Dylusions one they recommended. I also don't know if I want to do the challenge every week so it gives me more flexibility as well as use my supplies up.

The challenge was to use book pages as your base and overcome your fear of the blank page so I broke out my stash and used some Plundered Pages I had from Julie Kirk. I ended up making the boy with the black eye a focal part of the page and I also used some of an old ledger that Kirsti gave me. 

I covered the pages with gesso and used some texture told I had to mark the gesso. I then used gelatos to colour the pages. The whole project was a good stash buster as I used my Kate Crane stamps, some Liquitex paint I have as well as some fabric and a Lost Coast stamp. There are even some very old rub-ons. TFL.xx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

One Little Word 2015

I have never taken Ali Edward's One Little Word class before although I have considered selecting a word from time to time to guide and focus on. This year however it popped into my head with a vengeance while I was cooking on Monday and that was it. I think it's probably a reaction to the last year of studying that I have undertaken and the knowledge that I have a breathing space for two years before I head back to my books for more exams. The studying was worth it as I passed my exam to become a Clinical Scientist and I did experience and learn so much this year but there is a point where it consumes you and getting back from it is the tricky part.

I chose Revitalise as it describes the path I want to focus on this year.

Revitalise: give new life or vigour to, reestablish on a new, usually improved basis or make new or like new, imbue with new life or vitality.

It's fitting then that I blogged about it today of all days, my five year blog anniversary as this poor blog has been pretty neglected in the last year and I have considered closing it at times. The problem was I like my blog and I blog for me so it never seemed right to shut down something I have loved over the last five years. So revitalise it is and I blogged today with the aim of posting more and recording my crafty stuff which is what it's all about really. I also have to blame Instagram as I do post there more often as it is so quick which has been good and it is also so visual which as I'm terribly nosey suits me perfectly.

So I want to: 
  • revitalise my house, there will be paint involved.
  • revitalise my cooking which has already started and Pinterest is actually being useful instead of a pretty place to wait time. 
  • revitalise me and actually dry my hair and put on my make up in the morning.
  • revitalise our life and do stuff which is actually one thing we have managed to hang onto in the last year.
  • revitalise the garden which is very neglected.
  • revitalise my crafting and stash bust.
  • revitalising my reading and read for enjoyment again and not for work.
  • revitalise my TV watching as I have missed so much.

I have a Pinterest board where I'm planning on recording my inspirations this year as well as things I have actually done like recipes and hopefully it will fill up nicely this year and be a nice record of my One Little Word. Pop over here if you're interested and leave me a comment with your one little word  I did admit to being nosey :-) I love to see what other people have chosen and why. Happy 2015. TFL.xx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

December Album 2013

My poor blog has been sorely neglected as has the crafting and it is nice to be able to return to both after studying for a new qualification.  I finally broke my crafting drought by making a few Christmas cards using some old Basic Gray Christmas papers and a free stamp from Craft Stamper. 

It took me a bit longer to finish my December album this year as I was studying for the new qualification but I did get there finally. I used a combination of supplies including the Studio Calico kit except the album as that has another use planned, the Quirky Kit from 2013 and the Allison Kreft It's Christmas collection as well.

The base was actually a very old album that I got in a kit about five years ago from Melodee Langworthy that I totally fell out of love with so I decided to break it up and repurpose the album. I haven't shown every page and even selecting pages it's fairly photo heavy. It was a good stash buster however and I used lots of my supplies up which I am pleased about.

I even managed to incorporate some packaging from Liz Earle and Graze which was very festive.

I had some old transparencies as pages as well and I loved using the gold doilies and glitter tape up. I am planning to do a gold based album this year using the Teresa Collins Tinsel and Company collection. I'm having a definite gold moment.

The Studio Calico kit was better than I thought and I used lots of it up. I loved these wood veneers the best and embossed them with gold. I did find it wasn't enough paper wise and needed filled out. There were plenty of embellishments however and the album was lovely but I bought it planning on using the album for another project.

I hope you are all ready for Christmas and are looking forward to the festive season. TFL.x

Saturday, 16 August 2014

UK Scrapper Summer Scrapbook Challenge Seven: The Everyday

This LO was for the UKS Summer Scrapbook Challenge number seven. It was a challenge to scrap the everyday so I scrapped this photo of a soft toy being taken for his birthday lunch. It will be nice to look back and record the toys the boys have loved as they grow older and leave them behind. At the moment however this is a much loved cheetah.

The materials are a bit of everything I have found as I tidied my scrap space and reorganised my papers. Pop over here and see the challenges. TFL.x

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

UKScrappers Summer Scrapbook Challenge One

There is a summer scrapbook challenge over on UKScrappers and I decided to use it to help me do some scrapping instead of dithering and surfing the internet. When the boys are back to school I'll be back to studying so I'm making the most of my craft time.

Challenge one was to use the sketch provided. You can see the sketch here. I rotated it and widened the left hand side column. I also used some fairly old stash I found when I was tidying up my craft space. It's an old Quirky Kit and some even older Kaiserkraft pearls from an Angel Crafts ribbon kit I got when I first started scrapping.

TFL and pop over here to see all the challenges. You have until the 30th September to join in.